Train comes to the rescue!

Kildale Station approach

I was really grateful to see that after suffering an ankle injury up on the moors walking the Cleveland Way trail that there was a station at Kildale, our rest place for the evening.

It was easy to check the Trainline website at our B&B to see that there were trains either to Middlesbrough or Whitby to try and get back to our car parked at Helmsley. With advice from our host I decided that the best thing to do was to catch the Middlesbrough train which would give me a connection to the York train and then a bus to Helmsley. I caught the 9:35am train at the wee Kildale station and the clear timetable information confirmed that the website was correct. I was overjoyed to see I could buy a ticket all the way to York. The conductor was very pleasant and kept the passengers amused along the line with informative but jovial messages.

It was good to pass so close to Roseberry Toping knowing my husband was up above on the moors continuing the trail. It was also very pleasant talking to fellow passengers sharing walking stories. The journey on the Esk Valley line helped to make what could have been a chore to retrieve the car an enjoyable adventure.

For timetables, detailed station information and more, visit the Esk Valley Railway main website,
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