In search of Dracula

The Whalebone arch

The Whalebone arch

If you are staying at Whitby for more than a day, try to fit in a walk around Whitby with Harry Collett one evening. Harry is a great storyteller and will keep you interested with his stories. I have been on all of his talks. There are three to choose from, Dracula and Bram Stoker, Ghost Stories and his Heritage Walks.

We met Harry at the Whalebones’ Arch on West Cliff just outside the Royal Hotel. You can’t miss him. He dresses for the part! He starts the walks at 8.00 pm sharp. The whole journey takes just over an hour, visiting some of the many spooky ginnels (alleyways) around Whitby. There were a lot of children in my group and they loved the spooky stories on his ghost walk. It was a pre-booked school trip and I thought what a brilliant idea for kids to learn about the history and folklore of days gone by. The children were completely engrossed. The Dracula walk traces through Bram Stoker’s visits to Whitby and how and where he got his inspiration for his Dracula novel. Some of these stories are deliciously gruesome.

His heritage walks are popular too for learning more about Captain Cook and the history of Whitby.

I rang him to book but you can just turn up at the Whalebones on West Cliff at 8.00 pm as well. There is always an A board there when there is a walk planned. Even in bad weather, Harry will be there. One word of warning – dress according to the weather. the wind up on the headland is vicious, especially in March when I went once. I was amazed at how many children had just a thin nylon kagool and were frozen. Dogs are also welcome. prepare to interact with Harry…it makes for a more animated experience. Harry told me he is world renowned now with people visiting from all over the world. He has been showing people round Whitby for many years now so you won’t be disappointed. it is money well worth spent for those who want to learn more about Whitby and its fascinating history, fables and folklore. I was particularly fascinated with how many alleys there were that are hidden away – absolute gems.

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