Esk Valley Railway to Whitby
Egton Station Partnership celebrating at Egton Station. Photograph from the Egton Station Partnership
The rural Esk Valley Railway line has been designated a Community Rail Partnership.

Left: Commondale Station Adopters from Beyond Boundaries with their mural lighting up the waiting room.
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About the Esk Valley Railway Development Company

Esk Valley Railway is supported by the not-for-profit Esk Valley Railway Development Company (EVRDC), a community rail partnership which helps to promote the line to the residents and visitors. It has recently been awarded official Community Rail Partnership Accreditation from the Department for Transport.


The Esk Valley Railway Development Company (EVRDC) was set up in 2003 to promote the Esk Valley Railway to the community it serves and to the wider community.

It was designated by the Department for Transport as a Community Rail Partnership in 2005 and has just received its new DfT Community Partnership Accreditation.

From 15th December, 2019, we have two additional services Monday to Saturday, one early in the morning and a later evening service. The initial timetable to May 2020, has the two additonal trains running fast between some stations, so please check before boarding that the train stops at your desired destination. Why doesn't the train stop at all stations? Please read this.

Click here for a short video (3 minutes) about our line and what is happening to services down the Esk Valley Line to Whitby

In September 2019, the Partnership obtained funding to run a monthly dementia-friendly service from Whitby with live music and different activities for those coming along. The service leaves Whitby on the first Wednesday of each month at 11:58.
For more details on this, please see our Events Page.

Community Railway lines are many and varied, all with their own unique characteristics. Some serve urban areas and others, like the Esk Valley Railway, serve areas and communities in remote rural and coastal regions. The Esk Valley Railway which runs through the North York Moors National Park is renowned for its picturesque villages and stunning scenery.

Apart from the essential service bringing Esk Valley students to secondary school, the number of visitors to Whitby has grown exponentially since 2003 and is reflected in the data collected by EVRDC.

EVRDC markets the line, distributes timetables throughout the Esk Valley and continues to highlight the need for an improved service, including the reintroduction of a commuter service to Middlesbrough to improve job opportunites and for access to further education.

The opening of the new James Cook station has also emphasised the need for a better service and a year round Sunday service to assist both patients, visitors and hospital staff from the Esk Valley and Whitby to access the hospital of their choice - James Cook University Hospital.

EVRDC is funded mainly by Northern Railway. North Yorkshire County Council also provides funding. Grants are awarded from time to time through the Association of Community Rail Partnerships (ACoRP), the Department for Transport and Network Rail.

Volunteers at Egton station. Photograph by Angela ThirkillEVRDC has three part-time staff; Development Manager, Piers Elias, PR and Marketing Manager, Lisa Williams and Admin Support, Sally Michullitis.

We welcome voluntary input from members of the community who recognise the vital role the railway plays in the social and economic regeneration of their areas.

EVRDC Board of Directors is composed of mainly independent members. For a list of 2020 Directors, please contact EVRDC.

  • Contact EVRDC for further information on volunteering and for further information on the rail service or on the work of the company.

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